August 25, 2011

d e s i g n e r c o l l a b s .

     Fashion lovers have a number of collaborations to look forward to this fall. Celebrated designers and fashion houses are teaming up with mainstream department stores to give shoppers a luxury feel at affordable prices, something that many can appreciate with a down economy. Mark your calendars ladies, and find a store (or multiple stores) near you, because I'm sure these items will be hot commodities. 
     Prestige designer Karl Lagerfeld created a 45 piece collection for Macy's Impulse, their latest contemporary department. Lagerfeld is the head designer and creative director for Chanel and owner of Italian house Fendi, so needless to say, Macy's is lucky to have someone of his caliber on their team. The small, seasonal collection features a color palette of primarily white, black and gray and floral patterns. The widely-publicized collection will be available in stores and online August 31. 
     Missoni, the established Italian fashion house started in the 1950s, is bringing the famed colorful zigzags to Target. For five weeks you can buy over 400 Missoni designed items at your local Target, everything ranging from clothing to home goods. This isn't the first collaboration for Missoni, they joined forces with Havaiana this past summer designing limited-edition flip flops and espadrilles.
     Anna Dello Russo is the editor of Vogue Japan and a respected fixture on the fashion circuit. She recently styled and edited a very small, six piece collection for INC, Macy's in-house contemporary brand. Dello Russo also modeled alongside Karolina Kurkova in the new campaign. 

     Macy's is having a good year. It was just announced that Giambattista Valli will debut a collection for Impulse the end of October. 


  1. i like this blog. please check out mine.

  2. MM, amazing! Love Missoni, I think that one was truly NEEDED genius! xx

  3. I cannot wait, I'm so EXCITED!!! Especially for Karl! :)

    <3 Kelly

  4. i cannot wait foe missoni for target! gonna have to bribe my sister to get stuff for me, since we dont have target in canada :(